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Updated: Mar 7, 2022

This month’s BGPI’s blog post comes from the creator of the MickiPhit brand and author of “Pilates for Everybody”, an inclusive and accessible book for all.

1️⃣ REST

I aim to get at least seven hours of sleep each night. Did you know that the act of sleeping is a way that your body repairs itself? A good night's sleep allows your body and mind to recharge, leaving you refreshed and alert when you wake up. Healthy sleep also helps the body remain healthy and stave off diseases.


Nothing you do at home can replace a professional exfoliation, extraction, and attention. No matter your age or gender, your body’s largest organ is your skin. If you want your skin (especially on the face) to look its best and stay healthy, you need to take care of it. Healthy, good looking skin begins with skin care. Facials are an essential ingredient of your overall skin care program and you will love the benefits of facials.


When you exfoliate, you are effectively unclogging your pores. That's according to Lily Talakoub, MD, of McLean Dermatology and Skincare Center. Sweeping away that dead and dry skin, along with all the othersurface debris that might remain on your skin after cleansing, stops it from making its way into your pores and causing stubborn stoppages in the form of whiteheads and blackheads. You could be investing in the most expensive amazing skin care products at home, but if you don’t exfoliate, those ingredients won’t ever penetrate to make any difference at all. It helps cell turnover so the skin appears more glowing. This means that the skin keeps fresh, healthy cells at the surface, removing dead, dry, or dying ones. Exfoliating acts to stimulate the lymphatic drainage for internal cleansing and stimulation of oxygen-rich blood to feed and nourish the skin's surface.


Beyond flushing waste out of your body and helping your vital organs function properly, hydrating also helps nourish your skin (which is, in fact, the largest organ of your body). If you want to fight off wrinkles and give your outer layer a healthy glow, don't allow yourself to get dehydrated.


After any good sweat session, such as a good workout or sauna, there is often an accompanying feeling of relaxation or euphoria. This is due to the increase in endorphin levels creating a more positive mood and enhancing an overall sense of well-being. Research has demonstrated the effects of stress on our physical and psychological well-being, and it’s something we can’t ignore.


Sweat literally leaves your skin glistening, but more importantly, exercise gets blood circulating throughout the body, which gives your skin a healthy glow from the inside out. Proper blood flow allows oxygen and nutrients to circulate and nourish skin cells.



Sunscreen reduces your overall UV exposure and lowers your risk of skin cancer and sun damage.

Sunscreen prevents premature aging of the skin: Sun damage from UV rays causes photoaging of the skin, which is characterized by a thick, leathery look; discoloration; and a breakdown of collagen, which contributes to lines, sagging and wrinkles. Studies show that those below age 55 who apply sunscreen regularly have 24 percent less chance of developing these signs of aging than those who don’t.

Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 71,943 people were diagnosed with melanomas of the skin in 2013, and 9,394 of these cases were fatal. By applying sunscreen each day, you cut your risk of contracting skin cancers in half!

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